About Us

A terrifying horror anthology podcast written by author Bryan W. Alaspa and narrated/produced by voice actor Allie James.

What happens when most of us have snuggled in bed for the night? Are you brave enough to stay up and find out?

From Chicago-based author Bryan W. Alaspa and voice actor and audio producer Allie James comes When the Night Comes Out – The Podcast. Based on the horror audiobook of the same name, we bring you a new terrifying tale every week.

From otherworldly creatures, to witchcraft and curses, and even to the evil deeds of mankind, our stories will remind you why it’s safer to stay inside after dark.

Besides… who really knows every danger you might face… when the night comes out?

Want to start with the audiobook? You can purchase it here: https://www.audible.com/pd/When-the-Night-Comes-Out-Audiobook/B07JFPYV3Q

About Bryan

Bryan W. Alaspa

Writer of more than 50 books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Chicago-based author Bryan W. Alaspa has been an avid writer since childhood. Specializing in suspense, horror, and detective novels, Bryan has now written more than 50 books. In addition to his many fiction books, he has also published several true crime novels.

A master of all things dark and disturbing, Bryan has recently expanded his writing into the audio realm, with Ovule – the Podcast and When the Night Comes Out – The Podcast.

Be sure to check out his website below, where you can find his many novels, such as The Man From Taured, Totality: A Tale of Terror and Madness, and his detective series Deklan Falls.

Bryan’s website: http://www.bryanwalaspa.com

About Allie

Allie James (right)

Voice actor and audio producer. Narrator of more than 30 audiobooks.

Voice actor and audio producer Allie James has been a film fanatic since childhood, inspiring her to model her audio productions after the immersive experience of watching a movie.

After studying Radio-Television in college, Allie branched out from working at the college’s student radio station, to working as a film editor in Dallas, to eventually deciding to freelance as a voice actor and audio producer.

Horror-obsessed, When the Night Comes Out – The Podcast has been the perfect creative outlet for her.

Listen to Allie’s 30+ audiobooks here: https://www.audible.com/search?searchNarrator=Allie+James

You can also find her other voice work here: http://www.youtube.com/c/alliejames