What are Jump Scares?

You’ve probably seen it in a movie a thousand times, if you’re a fan of horror. Someone is walking down a long dark hallway. You already know there’s a killer on the loose. The person we’re following may or may not know, but we do. They creep along, the shadows grow thick on either side.… Continue reading What are Jump Scares?

When the Night Comes Out – the Podcast – Trailer

Allie James and Bryan Alaspa are trying to create the most terrifying audio dramas online. And we need your help to do it. Please contribute what you can so we can create more, faster, as well as create even more content, merchandise and so much more. 

So – Who Are We?

A few years ago author Bryan Alaspa met the amazingly talented Allie James. Allie had auditioned to narrate and produce an audiobook version of Bryan’s collection of horror short stories – When the Night Comes Out. Upon hearing how amazing the audio sounded, Bryan suggested it should have been a podcast. Allie agreed. It took… Continue reading So – Who Are We?