What are Jump Scares?

You’ve probably seen it in a movie a thousand times, if you’re a fan of horror. Someone is walking down a long dark hallway. You already know there’s a killer on the loose. The person we’re following may or may not know, but we do. They creep along, the shadows grow thick on either side. This person heard something down here, and they’re going to find out what it was. There, hidden behind the garbage can or the boxes. The man or woman sneaks up, the silence building, the tension almost palpable, turns the corner….AND

..a cat hisses and meows in the way they do in movies and jumps straight out. The entire movie audience jumps, but then laughs. Then, just as suddenly, our hero turns and the killer is right there and buries a hatchet in their forehead.

You have just read an example of the old horror movie trope known as a “jump scare.” There are hundreds of examples. They can be in thrillers as well as horror films. It’s a moment when something happens that the entire audience cannot help but jump straight out of their chairs. They’re short, quick, and leave you breathless.

Anyway, this was the idea behind When the Night Comes Out – Jump Scares .

It turns out Bryan Alaspa is also a guy who writes “flash fiction” which is short tales told in about a thousand words. He had a whole bunch of these stacked up, so between seasons 2 and 3 of full episodes, he asked Allie James if she might like to record some of these and release these bite-sized, less-than-ten-minute long tales of horror.

Allie jumped at the chance. So, that’s what we’re going to be bringing you. Twice a month. Every Wednesday, now until fall when season 3 will come. Tales of the weird, the crazy, the scary, the creepy, told in a thousand words or less.

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Norman the Reaper.

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