My name is Norman. Let me tell you about my horror podcast

If you’re here, first of all, welcome. Second, you may be wondering just who the heck is behind When the Night Comes Out – the Podcast. Well, first off, my name is Norman and if I can borrow a line from Monty Python – I am a reaper. I am one of many, but I am, sort of, the host and mascot of this particular horror fiction podcast. Now that you know who I am, let me tell you about the people behind these tales of horror.

The guy who writes these stories is named Bryan Alaspa. He’s written more than 50 books and novels. Once, a friend asked him why he didn’t write about puppies, kittens and flowers. He replied, I have to write about what interests me and unless the puppies and kittens are rabid and the flowers poisonous, those things don’t interest me. Yeah, Bryan was always a weird kid. His favorite movie growing up was Jaws. He rooted for the shark.

Anyway, you might know him if you have read one of his bestsellers, like The Man From Taured or Sapphire. Or maybe you know his award-winning psychological thriller Storyland?

The producer and voice behind these stories is the amazing Allie James. Sure, she’s younger than Bryan, but there came a moment when he knew she was the voice of his work. It was a match made online. Allie had been a voice talent for a while before they met, and still does narration and voice work for YouTube videos and other work. She has an amazing voice, but her production skills are truly outstanding.

A few years back, Bryan released a book of short stories. He wanted to release an audiobook and put out a call for auditions for voice talent. The moment he heard Allie’s reading of the audition script, he knew she was the voice. She was the one. Then he started hearing how she read each chapter, the production work she put into it, and he told her: “We should have done this as a podcast!”

The thing about writers, though, is that they’re always writing. Bryan had more stories to tell. So, these two worked together for years to find a way to bring these stories to your ears. They had some ups and more than a few downs but they finally brought seasons 1 to the world in 2020. No sooner did season 1 end, and they started working on season 2. Once that was done – Bryan found some flash fiction horror stories he had written and asked if Allie would like to narrate these and release those. Jump Scares was born.

These two have decided to focus on the podcast. Although Bryan still has novels in the works. he says he always felt like he was born in the wrong era. He always loved listening to old time radio shows and imagined himself writing radio scripts for things like The Shadow or The Green Hornet. Now, he can do it and bring it to you via podcast.

Our goal is to bring you the creepiest, weirdest, darkest stories on the internet and Allie and Bryan are not resting on their laurels. Nope, they have plans to create more horror audio drama. They have ideas for merchandise, some of it bearing my face, and more.

We hope you’ll like, rate, subscribe and tell your friends about our podcast. If you really want to help out, visit our Patreon page and contribute what you can. If we can get 500 people to donate a dollar a month, that $500 will help Allie and Bryan bring you even more horror.

Thanks for stopping by. Listen to the podcast. Maybe listen with the light on.

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