So – Who Are We?

A few years ago author Bryan Alaspa met the amazingly talented Allie James. Allie had auditioned to narrate and produce an audiobook version of Bryan’s collection of horror short stories – When the Night Comes Out. Upon hearing how amazing the audio sounded, Bryan suggested it should have been a podcast. Allie agreed.

It took a few years and lots of work, but season 1 of When the Night Comes Out – the Podcast arrived in 2020. Season 2 arrived in 2021. Then, the short bite-sized horror known as Jump Scares arrived in early 2022. Season 3 will arrive in the fall of 2022 and season 4 is already being written.

However, Allie and Bryan have a lot of ideas beyond the one podcast. Bryan has already started writing the script for their first audio drama with plans for more. These would be terrifying, thrilling works made just for audio. 

So, why are we here? We’re here on Patreon now because we want to do more and to do that, we could use your help. We want to build a community around When the Night Comes Out (WTNCO). We have plans for audio “movies” to thrill and chill you. We’d love to create some merchandise featuring Norman the Reaper, our mascot and more. Most of all, we want to connect with YOU, our listeners.


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